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Hey everyone! This is our amnesty week for posting stories and art. If you signed up for a posting date but then missed it, this is your shot! Post any time between now and next Wednesday, 27 November, and we'll count your story or art as posted.
avengers - kate bishop

Posting Information

Posting starts soon today (Oops!) so we've put this posting guide together for everyone to use!

We've really changed things up this year. You can still post your fanwork wherever you want on your posting date. As long as all parts of it are publicly accessible, that's great!

But this year, everyone must post their fanwork on AO3 and add it to our Collection. That's it. You're done.

Artists and mixers, when you get your things online, send a link to your author. Authors, when you have all of the information that you need, post to the collection. (If your partnership has agreed to let the artist do the posting, then strike that and reverse it.) If one of your participants hasn’t posted by the time you’re ready to go, go ahead and post anyway. You can edit your post later to put their information in.

It's this simple:

1) Gather links from all fanworkers
2) Post to AO3 Collection which you can find here: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/marvel_bang_2019

So, no more building an LJ or DW post, no more emailing the mods if you don't have an LJ or DW account, etc. etc. Please do make sure you abide by AO3's warning system and add your story to the archive.

Authors and accompanying fanworkers should be in contact with each other about coordinating posts. We don’t expect everyone to post at precisely the same time, but all related posts should link to each other - the main story post should have a link to its accompanying fanworks, and those fanworks should link back to the story, etc. All posts need to be posted to the AO3 Collection.

If you do not have an AO3 account, we have invites. Hit us up via email at the Marvel BB email (marvelbigbang@gmail.com).

If you have any questions, let us know in the page-a-mod post. We can't wait to see all of your finished products!
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Date Claims are Closed!

If we haven't heard from you, we're assuming you've dropped out. That's fine, there's always next year!

Keep watch on this space for posting information.

It's pretty short and sweet: post to Ao3 and add it to our collection. Should save everyone lots of headaches, especially your mods.

For those of you still writing and/or editing, get cracking (me included)!
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Date Claims are Open!

We have a few tandem teams and about twenty solo authors that we haven't yet heard from. We get it if you're not going to be finished and won't be claiming a date. No harm, no foul.

But if you do have a completed story and want to be included in the 2019 Big Bang, you need to go over to the Check-in and Date Claim post and sign up for a posting date. Since we only have solos and tandems left, please don't forget to either email us with your summary or post it along with your date claim.

We are going to close claims at midnight ET on Wednesday, October 9th. That way we can move on to our next tasks, like telling y'all how and where to post your stuff!
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Final check-in and date claim post!

It's time to sign up for your posting dates! Posting will run from Monday, 14 October to Saturday, 16 November. Some days might have multiple stories, and other days might have none. That's fine! Don't worry about filling out the schedule completely. Pick the day that's best for you. Claiming a posting date here counts as the final check-in for your entire creative group.

Tandem and solo participants: you must send us a summary of your story before you claim a posting date. Posting date claims made without sending in a story summary will not be honored. Summaries can be submitted via email or PM, or included with the posting date claim comment.

We will have more specific details about the process of posting later in the month, but we do want to be clear that each story will have both the complete fic and any accompanying fanworks posted on the same day. Only one representative from each story needs to select a date. Before someone from your creative team claims a date, make sure that everyone involved - the author(s) and everyone making an accompanying fanwork - can post on that day.

When you comment, please list three dates that you would be able to post and include the following information:

All accompanying fanwork creators
Title of fic

If you leave any of the above info out, we’ll ask you to repost your comment with the missing info added in. We will not hold your preferred dates for you.

We will do our best to confirm dates and update this list as quickly as we can, but you may want to check other comments before claiming to make sure your date is still available. Mod schedules are very hectic at the moment, so we appreciate your understanding if it takes us a day to get to your claim. We will do our best.
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Two stories remain!

Artists are allowed to sign up to work with up to 5 different stories, so if you've already made your first claim and are eyeing some others now is the time to do so. From this point on artists can claim as many fic as they want up to 5, just list them in the order of preference and let me know how many of them you want. If you list four fic just in case something is already claimed but only want two of them I need to know that.

All stories must be claimed at least once before we can open up secondary claims.

Fanworkers, if you are not a member of the comm, please join by filling out this form after you make your claim. If you have any questions, please contact us on our page-a-mod post!

Claims will close on Saturday, August 31st, at 11:59 PM EDT. Match-ups will be emailed out after that; it will be up to the author to provide the artist with a copy of their draft at that point. If an author notices that their story has been claimed and confirmed before that point, and wants to send their story to their fanworker before match-ups are sent out, that's fine :)

And now, the available summaries!

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