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Fic: the kindness of strangers (MCU, Loki & Gamora)

Title: the kindness of strangers
Author name: 100indecisions on AO3
Beta name: lizardbeth_j on LJ, lizardbeth on AO3
Characters/Pairing: main relationships are Loki & Gamora, Gamora & Nebula, and Loki & Thor; Thanos is also a major character and various Avengers show up
Fandom/Universe: MCU
Rating: R for violence/torture
Word count: ~25,000
Warnings: Physical and psychological torture, some of it pretty graphic; the AO3 version will have additional chapter-specific warnings
Summary: Gamora is there when Loki falls into Thanos’ hands, and she’s there to watch Loki break under torture. She’s not going to defy her father (yet), but in the beginning, she gives Loki a little advice: find a core truth about yourself and bury it deep, and once Thanos has broken and remade you into what he wants, something of you might still be left.
Additional notes: I'm posting this in its entirety on LJ and then reposting about a chapter a week (with some additional content, although the story here is complete) on AO3. If you like this, please consider subscribing to me there!

Fanworker name: neurovicky/neurovickya
Rating of fanwork: PG-13 (depicts a torture scene but isn't very graphic)
Link to accompanying fanwork master post: Tumblr post

Tags: 2016 marvel_bang, fanwork post
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