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Kindred Opponents, by TorScrawls. Art by goss

Title: Kindres Opponents

Author name: TorScrawls

Beta name: Lets_call_me_Lily / Lore and Tonystank

Characters/Pairing: Matt Murdock, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Foggy Nelson

Fandom/Universe: Daredevil, Avengers, MCU

Rating: PG13

Word count: 21,906

Warnings: None

Summary: Matt never thought that he would get involved with the Avengers, but when he does it’s just as chaotic as he feared it would be.

When the sun is up, Matt Murdock works on a lawsuit against Stark Industries; when the sun goes down, Daredevil teams up with the Avengers. Will Matt be able to keep his two lives separate? Will he be able to stop the criminal organization threatening the safety of New York City? One thing is for sure; if he makes some friends along the way, it’s not by choice.

Fanworker name: goss

Rating of fanwork: G

Link to accompanying fanwork:

Link to fic:

Tags: 2018 marvel_bang, fanwork post
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