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Three stories left to claim!

Who wants to make something to accompany one of these fantastic stories?

Avengers and Related Characters - Canon World Based
B9) Title: Not Heroes, But Soldiers
Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst.
Fandom/Universe: Marvel Movie Universe, Marvel Agents Of Shield.
Characters/Pairings:preClint Barton/Phil Coulson
Warnings:Loss of a family member, Extensive mentions of 9/11, allusions to familial history alcohol abuse, kidnapping, captivity, a brief scene of torture focused chiefly on psychological intimidation.
Summary: Laura Maro & Katy Morris come to SHIELD from two very different walks of life. Laura, fresh from the UK, misses her mother terribly and is used to having to scrap to get by. Katy, from a wealthy if fractured family in New York, is still reeling almost two years after her sisters death on 9-11-01. This fic focuses on their first days in SHIELD training, and the building of a relationship between partners with no reason to trust one another during and after their unexpected detainment by forces unknown.

This fic is set in primarily in NYC, as well as in Wales, Boston Mass, Russia, and several undescribed locations briefly mentioned that are throughout Continental North America and Eastern Europe. Thematically this story includes extensive hints of subliminated grief, allusions to familial history of alcohol abuse, kidnapping, captivity,and a brief scene of torture focused chiefly on psychological intimidation.

B22) Title: A Painted White Unknown
Genre: romance, character piece
Fandom/Universe: Avengers
Characters/Pairings: Maria/Natasha, Maria/Natasha/Steve
Warnings: I really don't think there are any.
Summary: This story is actually sort of a story and it's sequel that I've split into part one and part two. Natasha has always assumed that the reason she and Clint never got together was because he was too good for her. After he tells her this had nothing to do with it, she finds herself falling into a relationship with the new handler at HQ, despite her misgivings.

Against the odds, the two women make it work, changing both of them, to some extent, in the process. When the events of the movie happen and the dust settles, Natasha finds herself viewing her teammates, particularly Steve Rogers, in ways she wouldn't have before Maria.

C1) Title: A Semi-Charmed Life
Genre: Action/adventure,
Fandom/Universe:X-Factor Investigations, AU, in the Marvel 1602-verse, sequel to previous story "Blessings and Curses, from Comics Big Bang, 2013
Characters/Pairings: Layla/Jamie, Rictor/Shatterstar, Theresa/Monet, friendship, Guido Carosella & Lila Cheney, Longshot
Warnings: some violence, but nothing over a PG-13 rating, some names modified to fit the historical time-line
Summary: how the entire X-Factor crew with the addition of Shatterstar, set out for the New World in the hopes of settling down in the Virigina Commonwealth under their own terms, however unexpected dangers lie in wait for them and they must cope with being strangers in a strange land.
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